​Eye Exams

​​We provide vision and overall eye health services for all
members of your family.

At Portland Eye Care, we are committed to caring for our patients'

complete ocular health. Comprehensive eye exams are a critical

part of preventive health care for everyone. Portland Eye Care

offers exams for patients of all ages to identify vision problems
in their earliest stages and to determine if any correction
treatment is necessary to preserve optimal vision and eye health. 

We will inspect your eyes thoroughly to check for any vision conditions

or signs of ocular disease. 

Pediatric eye exams may identify a vision condition that could compromise

learning or delay normal development. Education and eyesight are strongly

associated, and an undetected vision problem may cause difficulty for your child

in the classroom. Children are not always aware of how normal vision should appear,
​and commonly will not ​complain about their vision​ even if they don’t see clearly. 
​Our doctors commonly diagnose and treat many of these pediatric eye conditions and have a wonderful referral network for children who may need treatments other than corrective eyewear. ​Also, ​Dr Kempf-Andrews is a participating ​provider in​ the American Optometric Association's​ InfantSEE program, which provides a no-cost exam for children 6-12 months of age. 

Disease Treatment

Many eye diseases have no early symptoms and you may not see any change in your vision until the disease has become quite advanced. The best way to protect your vision is through regular eye exams. Our doctors at Portland Eye Care can diagnosis and manage many ocular diseases including glaucoma, diabetic 
retinopathy​, macular degeneration, cataracts, dry eye, and more. The best way to handle eye problems is through early detection of abnormalities, prompt treatment and​ regular monitoring, so be sure to have your yearly eye exam.

Contact Lens Services

Our doctors specialize in fitting and managing both soft and hard contact lenses to ensure the most comfortable and manageable contact lens wearing​ experience. If you prefer contact lenses over eyeglasses for personal or functional reasons, don't hesitate to ask us about our contact lens selection. Whether you need or want extended wear, rigid-gas permeable, daily disposable, or other specialized contact lens, we can help provide contacts best suited to fit your lifestyle and eye health requirements. In addition, we also offer cosmetic (colored) lenses to transform eye shades or conceal eye color irregularities. Contact lens prescriptions expire every 12 months and an annual eye exam is required to ensure continued good health for your eyes. Schedule your appointment with Portland Eye Care today.​

The American Optometric Association recommends yearly eye exams if you are
at-risk and every two years
​if you are not at risk.